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who we are

Na okraji was created by our small young family of four - Klaudia, Jakub and little Ela with Vanda. We live on a small ranch (www.cutting.sk) in a beautifull countryside of north Slovakia. Many know how beautiful our country is, however only few know how stunning it is to experience the beauty from a horseback. Thanks to a team of great people, we can show it to you as well. Our ranch is open for everybody with the possibility of accomodation and various adventures. Whether you´re a grown-up or a kid, for a moment you can try a life surrounded with horses, goats, chickens and other animals. The intensity of your experience will be up to you. 🙂


Get some rest in a cosy small house directly at the ranch or in a trailer on the hill with the best view around.

horse riding

Try to ride a horse on your own. For little ones or grown-ups, begginers or advanced.


Get out and explore the natural beauty of our Orava region from a horseback.

Equine therapy

Promotes human physical and mental health.

1 or 2 days in a saddle

Trekking through the Orava wilderness combined with camping.

Už čoskoro

Dvojdňový trek-EN

Dvojdňový výlet po hrebeňoch a iných zákutiach krásnej oravskej prírody spojený s večerným opekaním.


Jednodňový trek

Jednodňový výlet po hrebeňoch a iných zákutiach krásnej oravskej prírody spojený s opekaním.


Our Goats

Learn how to milk a goat, try the milk and collect the eggs from our chickens. Or you can just play with the baby goats.

„Ranč sa nachádza v nádhernej prírode na Orave. Dom je krásne zariadený a veľmi dobre vymyslený. Cez okno jedálne sa dívate priamo do jazdiarne s koníkmi, na ktorých sme si boli aj zajazdiť. Naozaj parádny zážitok. V dome je všetko, čo človek potrebuje na komfortný pobyt.“
Alžbeta S.





Price for the whole house. The maximum capacity is 9 people. 2 baby cots available.



Riding lesson

Lessons take place in a riding hall. All lessons are under the guidance of an instructor.



Equine therapy

Lessons take place in a riding hall or outside, depending on the weather.



Trail riding

For advanced riders or after completing a riding lesson.
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