2 - days long trail ride

2 days spent wondering in a beautiful Orava countryside full of magical views and places.

min. age 10 years beautiful views

This trip is suitable for advanced riders. Are you a beginner? We are here to help and get you ready. You just need to complete at least 5 riding lessons in the riding hall before. (For a discounted price). The number is indicative, it can be 4 or more, individually according to your own abilities. In case you are a beginner, we recommend that you arrive a few days in advance, ideally at least 2/3, so that you have enough time to prepare. The riding pace is always adjusted according to the weakest rider. The size of the group is usually 4-6 riders (including the instructor). Trips can be ordered for every day of the week. Approximately from April to November. Depending on the weather 🙂


We will spend the night in the beautiful wilderness on a meadow near the forest. A cozy newly renovated wooden maringotka will be available, whoever wants can sleep outside by the fire 🙂


The price includes a lunch, dinner in a form of barbecue and breakfast. In case of special dietary requirements, feel free to inform us 🙂


We recommend that all riders wear a protective helmet. A bicycle helmet, etc. is enough. We have available helmets for rent for free.


In case of very bad weather, we reserve the right to cancel the trip and find an alternative date after agreement.



for non-riders, it is possible to buy the trek with a package of riding lessons

Advanced riders
  • includes 5 riding lessons


times can vary

9:30 AM - Beginning
Meeting at the barn, cleaning and preparation of the horses.
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM - Leaving the ranch
Getting on the road.
13:00 AM - Lunch stop
Relaxation combined with a lunch.
17:00 - Arriving at the camp
Unsaddling horses, getting ready for barbecue and relaxing until morning 🙂
8:00 - 9:00 - Breakfast
The time is indicative, everyone can eat whenever they wake up 🙂
9:00 - 10:00 - Leaving the campsite
Getting back into the saddle.
15:00 - Coming back home to the ranch
Expected time of return. There will of course be space for breaks along the way as needed.


We will contact you after recieving a reservation form from you.

2-dnový trek
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