Psycho-educational horseback riding

Psycho-educational horseback riding

- improves speech, regulates muscle tension - develops perception, improves spatial orientation and psychomotor coordination -increases intellectual functions, mental abilities and memory -supports attention concentration, endurance, suppresses hyperactivity - influences personality, develops proper self-confidence and decisiveness -creates a feeling of responsibility, independence and usefulness -reduces mistrust, anxiety or fear - directs behavior, improves the ability of cooperation, communication and tolerance -supports creativity and joy -reduces aggression and builds self-control WE WORK WITH CLIENTS - with children, adolescents and adults - with healthy or differently gifted clients (with a handicap) - with children with psychomotor delay and speech disorders -with a mental disability, with Down's syndrome - with learning or behavioral disorders - with developmental disorders (autism, Asperger's syndrome, hyperactivity) - with neurological and psychosomatic problems - with personality disorders, with anxiety and affective disorders - with states of depression and "burn out" - with eating disorders and addiction treatment


A treatment method that uses cooperation between the child, the horse and the therapist. It has a complex effect on a person and can affect a large number of problems.


Therapy takes place in the riding hall or outside, depending on the weather conditions.

Form of intervention

The therapist adapts all the activities to your child's needs in order for the therapy to be useful. The ability to control a horse is not required, everything takes place under the guidance of the therapeutic team.

Indications/ contraindications

For some diagnoses, we need a doctor's recommendation of the suitability of hippotherapy. We do not provide hyporehabilitation as part of our services.


1x therapy
30 minutes
5x therapy
5x /30 minutes


„S hodinou som bol veľmi spokojný. Výborný individuálny prístup, skvelé podmienky.”
„Naše deti boli z koníkov nadšené. Veľmi doporučujeme.”
Máj 2020
„Bola to moja prvá skúsenosť s jazdením a som veľmi milo prekvapená. Dúfam že si to čoskoro zopakujem. Ďakujem.”
Január 2020

€25/30 minutes


..or in case you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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